The Run Down

Monday, August 25, 2008

New Blog Alert

My people's. Check out I came to write by Phylis Iqbal

Friday, August 22, 2008

Writer's Work

No, I haven't crossed the golden line where 100% of my income is from totally writing
influenced jobs yet I can see it clearly. There are many options out there for you to make your passion your profit.

Freelance writing:
Have to be on your grind and check sites on the daily (I have a few below for ya). It can be anything from ghost writing a paper, doing an ad, to copywrite work.

If you got skills and fresh blog you can get it sponsored. Get paid per post or per word. You can also link into a revenue share program.

Writing Profession Jobs:
Online or hard copy magazines, journals or periodicals. Become a contributing writer, editor, copywriter, etc

Publish your work:
Grind and produce a book. Get it out there. Push it

Work the contest circuit:
There are constant poetry, short story and novel contest. Enter them frequently. If you are a good writer you have a greater chance of winning them rather than Powerball.

Those are just off the dome. Yet what they all involve is you writing frequently to perfect your craft.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I have to thank y'all

On the real. Those who knowledge me realize that the last couple of weeks has been intense. Alot of it though with the sense of amazement I am feeling. Due to alot of factors Perihelion Baby is selling at a ridiculous rate. To give you some idea within the last couple of weeks I have sold over 150 copies! It's like y'all got some fever or something! This has been highly due to the efforts of alot of my alikes who have been slangin' it like a mixtape.

Perihelion isn't until around the Gregorian New Year yet I'm feeling it NOW! Next month I already told you about the book signing on the 28th in New Haven. Two other book signings are in the works in New London and Hartford so keep in tune. And if by some reason you're reading this blog and haven't gotten your copy of Perihelion Baby...shame on you.

Monday, August 18, 2008

New Date for the book signing in New Haven, CT (Sept 28th)

So I was chastised about my book. New folks read my poetry and got on me about continuing getting it out there. They explained to me it wasn't so much about profit it was about sharing my creative energies. I agreed. It is a challenge though to balance the manifestation and the marketing/promotion. Yet with their bickering (j/k) I am up and at it again in terms of promoting Perihelion Baby (the right corner dun).

It will be on September 28th at the Cafe 116 in New Haven on Chapel Street from 7pm until. They'll be a DJ there and 1/2 price off of bottles of wine. Plus, you never know, I might have some back up dancers. Keep that date open and get your ass there.

Friday, August 15, 2008


I write poems all of the time. And I have written about a few specific people here and there. Yet I can't really recall of being the inspiration of another's poetry. It's an humbling experience.

Man up and that boy will never be down

scent of her auburn broken smiles
scorch my feet as i walk dark miles
sip juliet's tainted glass vial?
No, leave not my child behind

sunset sour mi past heart amor
must shed epidermal armor
she is former she is no more
will never leave this son of mine's

break storm clouds with steel jet airplanes
ash downpour as I spill my pain
i fear he will forget my name
our close past only in my mind?

a lullaby fixed to your ear
son listen to birds i am near
mimic my gaze in the mirror
i come for you through salt and brine

young boy we are connected kin
come follow the path of all men
awww man teach you of Ra-Amen
Mathematics cosine and sine

failure not an option or fact
word bond i swore i would be back
return like Quetzalcoatl black
son myself never hard to find

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Baku

Been obsessed with the Baku as of late which is a mythological japanese beast that eats nightmares. Anyway. This collection of hay(na)ku is about the baku.


singularly gorgeous
gorge on this

tahini memories
crunchy chicory ruminations

baku grazing
heady lush pastures

thin regret
aches pain pates

chews old
russet cud visions

lotus berries
smooth into forgetfulness

even with
saturated hollow stare

weep my
buried third eye

i want
them back here

well water
from mine eyes

the baku
with enchanting dreams

lead him
to the vomitorium

forgive me
noble etheric chimera

nightdreams all
that i have

Monday, August 11, 2008

Black and Blue

The art of technological writing deems that one utilize every avenue out there when transcribing. The same way that with my physical journals I utilize different methods in terms of transcribing also carries over when I compose on the net.

Blogger is restrained in that it only has a number of fonts and ink colors/effects available yet when I write stuff for my own usage I use inks of varying hues and shades. I sometimes use the most outrageous fonts and glyphs. I use functions like strikeout, italics, super set, etc. like that are going out of fashion.

One of the reasons that I am obsessed with calligraphy (from ancient to modern) is because physically it makes the word dynamic. It gets it move on. I like my physical words to also have that elements (its the visual artists in me).

My first collection of poetry reflected a different aspect of me, the scholar writer. That's another one of my attributes where I trick out my writings with mad footnotes of esoterica. The upcoming collection will definitely be more in the dynamic sphere.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yes I write stories

Yet most of them are in transition because I write grand book novel trilogy stuff. Some people have read some of my novels (yes I've completed more than one). Some people may have read some of my short stories. I like to deal with a whole host of subjects. Ya can't pin me down. For me it just has to be funky.

Here are the top 9 stories that I wrote, am writing or need to be written by C'BS

*A polygyny love story

*A epic fantasy piece whose center character is a child messiah who is accompanied by a baku, a butterfly in a crystal ball, and a qilin

*a man who is taken by his Mexican lover to Mexico where she destroy his passport subtly kidnapping him because he cannot speak Spanish

*a guy who commits suicide by destroying his ego and then slowly rebuilds his identity.

*A man who finds out that he has a son after 5 years and seeks to find him in the foster care system after his mother dies.

*A wuxia-type 52 hand block black kung fu epic

*a man who discovers the Earth is flat

*A group of people who discover secret slavery manuals from the middle passage that describe the 'aliens' that visited the Dogon and esoteric ways to reprogram the nervous system.

*A woman who keeps being thrown into the Indian ghost dance and awaits the return of the buffalo

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Word of the Week: Panegyric


SYLLABICATION: pan·e·gyr·ic
PRONUNCIATION: pn-jrk, -jrk
NOUN: 1. A formal eulogistic composition intended as a public compliment. 2. Elaborate praise or laudation; an encomium.
ETYMOLOGY: Latin pangyricus, from Greek pangurikos (logos), (speech) at a public assembly, panegyric, from panguris, public assembly : pan-, pan- + aguris, assembly, marketplace; see ger- in Appendix I.
pane·gyri·cal·ly —ADVERB

Monday, August 4, 2008

Friday, August 1, 2008

My cup runneth over

I keep a moleskin notepad or scraps of paper in my pocket at all times. Inspiration is within. You can't wait on it. Change your modality and how you are interfacing with life. I get home and filter through my scribbles and find gold nuggets and silver dust. I accepted long ago that I am the philosopher's stone. Writers write. It gets no more simpler than that. We write because if we didn't we would die. I choose life.